QICE is a business management systems consulting firm. We started in New Zealand but are growing rapidly in Australia to provide manufacturers, service providers and product developers with the consulting services and professional tools needed to get ISO certified. 

QICE can add value by developing critical internal capabilities for your organization, through Business Management Systems expert assessment and Lean Coaching, Training and Facilitation. These capabilities create an organizational culture of continuous improvement that is capable of operating independently of external input. In short: your company is able to recognize a path to progress and successfully maintain it.

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Our Lead Consultant - Cata Goran

I am an experienced, skilled and technically astute consultant with a highly successful track record in International Standards Implementation, Processes Improvement and Change Management.


My strengths
◼ Understanding business mechanisms
◼ Communication
◼ Transformation capability

For several years I worked for New Zealand companies to get a feel for the business environment before realising I could make a considerable contribution through my own consultancy firm. In 2017 I founded QICE to help other companies with their business management systems using my excellent collaborative skills combined with a sound practical, technological, procedural and developmental understanding.

I influence people’s lives by changing their perception about quality.

I am passionate about providing quality services, staff training, customised and highly detailed technical specifications based on client needs, and ensuring an extremely productive, safe work environment.

My dominant personality traits
🔸 Adaptability
🔸 Transparency
🔸 Optimism
🔸 Emotional intelligence
🔸 Goal-oriented
🔸 Analysis

My extensive background in systems has given me many specific industry skills and an ability to create process architecture that helps companies of all sizes to improve their performance. I particularly enjoy effecting transformation through designing systems and coaching business owners, managers and teams.

In recent years I have helped more than 100 businesses improve their performance through redesigning their systems. I love enabling people to see the opportunities for improvement and mitigating risks.

I value
▶ High performance
▶ Continuous improvement
▶ Quality over speed

At present, I am developing a training platform that will assist other consultants to help business owners with all aspects of processes, systems, frameworks and certifications. This will enable me to improve the quality of businesses worldwide at scale.