How an ISO 14001 certification saves money

Being environmentally conscious helps reduce your negative impact on the environment, but of course implementing the ISO 14001 Environment Management System standard is going to cost money. While it costs money, consider how much you will save over the long-term. It’s all about weighing up the benefits and your return on investment (ROI).

ISO 1400 benefits

ISO 14001 helps you to identify where your environmental costs may be — water, power, natural resources. Identifying your costs is crucial so you can reduce them.

The following are six benefits of ISO 14001 accreditation that give you a ROI.

  1. Environmental commitment improves credibility

Many contracts require ISO 14001 accreditation as some people may only want to work with businesses that demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Customers are also now commonly choosing to do business with environmentally friendly companies, so it improves your image and credibility. Investing in an environment management system sends a positive message to consumers who are becoming more discerning about where they spend their hard earned money.

2. Controls costs

It is a fact of life, every business wants to control its costs, so how does implementing ISO 14001 help with that? Use the system to identify, control and reduce environmental incidents which saves the company the cost of fines, cleaning up, paying out compensation, as well as your overall reputation. You can also use it to identify the costs of materials and resources required to create your products. Taking the reuse, reduce, recycle approach can help make tangible cost reductions as well as the tax the business pays.

3. Legal compliance

ISO 14001 provides a framework that puts processes in place to identify, monitor and comply with environmental legislation. While you may already comply with the law, ISO 14001 accreditation helps to maintain that compliance. It also tells people your business cares which will boost your credibility, and has the potential to reduce liability insurances. 

4. Implement changes successfully

A key element of ISO 14001 is collecting good data which helps you implement organisational changes successfully. Even if an initiative goes off track initially, collecting data alerts you to this faster so you can correct the problems and get back on track. Again, this will save your business time and money.

5. Engage employees to improve processes

Continual improvement is central to ISO 14001, so starting with small improvements means moving towards implementing enhancements progressively. In order to do this though, it is important to engage employees in the process. This gives them ownership of improving the company. It creates an inclusive culture that engages employees to work towards a common goal, which is a good ROI.

6. Reduces employee turnover

Engaged employees are far less likely to move on as they feel heard and important to the organisation’s operations. Employee turnover is a huge cost to a business. It costs far less to engage and retain your employees than it does to continually recruit and train new people.

When the environment is important to your business, contact us for more information about ISO 14001 certification. We can show you how to implement an environmental management system that gives you ROI, earn consumer trust while growing your business.

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