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How to know if your business needs an ISO 27001 Certification

Information and data is the essence of most organisations. It is a source of intelligence that can provide a competitive advantage and drive the success of future plans.

Your data is usually stored electronically so you need to protect it from accidental or deliberate loss. Data and information is a business not an IT problem. The use of ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS) gives you a framework to protect and manage critical information and data effectively.

Cyberattacks and data theft are more common than ever, and staff make mistakes. If your business does not have policies and procedures in place, it becomes easy for hackers to steal data. ISO 27001 certification demonstrates your commitment towards minimising security threats and gives customers confidence in your business. Certification improves credibility and your value proposition. It gives customers confidence.


You want to avoid potential costs of a security breach

Security breaches have a potential to cost your organisation not only a lot of money but loss of reputation. Implementing ISO 27001 demonstrates your proactive approach to protecting information so if there is a security breach you may avoid heavy fines and penalties.

An ISMS gives you the ability to make informed decisions based on risk management and continuous improvement.


You want to maintain data privacy and integrity

All organisations are responsible for maintaining the privacy and integrity of the data collected. An ISMS helps to secure and reduce data breaches. Implementing ISO 27001:

  • Gives organisations storage and access control of data. You can safely use and destroy it effectively using organisational processes and procedures.
  • Ensures the protection of data which reduces the likelihood of clients’ losing trust and suing you for data breaches.
  • Means you have the processes and procedures in place to quickly detect a breach so you can take appropriate action.
  • Allows a systematic approach to identifying, managing and reducing threats to your data.
  • Ensures the integrity of data using access controls, and procedures for backing up and organising data.


Information security should be a priority

Information security should be a priority for all organisations. As technology gets smarter, so do hackers. They will stop at nothing to breach and compromise sensitive data to use to their own ends.

You may think you have good control of your information. But how effective these are depends on how you monitor and control your security management processes. A short-sighted approach is having security controls for only specific IT areas. This then poses a threat to assets that are not IT-related. Implementing ISO 27001 overcomes these issues. Certification guarantees customers your organisation uses best practice methods to secure the collection of data and information.

Achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 certification has many more advantages. To find out if your business needs certification, contact our ISO specialists. We pride ourselves on helping New Zealand businesses grow to their potential.

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