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How ISO 27001 Works

ISO 27001 is a risk management standard for protecting your organisation’s information. It is an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that monitors, reviews, maintains and improves how you deal with your information and the data you collect.

Using ISO 27001 NZ allows you to:

  • Identify potential security risks to business information for insight into vulnerable areas.
  • Establish a management system to control how and where you store information and how to use it.
  • Provide a framework for implementing and managing information controls.
  • Manage compliance with regulations and laws.
  • Outline information security processes, policies and standards for the organisation.
  • Maintain a process for managing your information security policy into the future.
  • Inform employees and third party contractors of the risks and process for incident reporting
  • Set objectives for managing information security.
  • Keep IT systems updated with the latest protection.
  • Put in place system access controls.
  • Monitor system and user activities.


How it works

ISO 27001 works from the top down. It is technology neutral and uses a risk based approach. Implementing an ISMS means your organisation establishes security controls in a structured manner. Without an ISMS, companies often implement controls for specific situations or as a convention. But these normally only address aspects of IT or data security and soon become disorganised. This leaves other assets such as company paperwork and proprietary knowledge lacking in protection.

Putting an ISMS in place minimises the risk of security breaches that can negatively impact your business. Information breaches will damage you company reputation and can cost you a lot of money when it falls into the wrong hands.

A business that achieves ISO 27001 certification demonstrates it:

  • Protects information from unauthorised access.
  • Ensures accuracy of the information.
  • Ensures information can only be changed by authorised users.
  • Has assessed the risks and put controls in place to mitigate the impact of any breaches.
  • Was independently assessed and meets international standards.

An ISMS does not guarantee that breaches will never occur but it:

  • Increases the reliability and security of your information and systems.
  • Improves customers confidence in your business as it aligns with their expectations and requirements.
  • Increases the resilience of your business.
  • Improves your management processes and integration with corporate strategies.


Risk management is central

Risk management is central to ISO 27001. It does not tell you how to protect your information. ISO 27001 provides a framework. You complete a risk assessment and then decide what controls the business needs to protect your information.

A robust ISMS reduces your risks, disruptive activity and costs. It also boosts your reputation and trust in your business.

To discover more about how ISO 27001 works, contact us today. We can show you how establishing an ISMS protects your information.

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