Is ISO 14001 right for my business?

ISO 14001 was first launched in 1996. It is a standard with a set of requirements, and it helps organizations to create an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). This standard allows them to benchmark their current environmental performance and to determine ways in which that performance can be improved.

ISO 14001 Certification is a general term that is used to refer to two main functions: the certification of the knowledge of individuals, and the certification of a company’s environmental management system.

What can the standard do for my business?

This standard helps organizations to improve their environmental performance through a more efficient use of resources and a reduction of waste, which can, in turn, assist organizations in securing an advantage over their competitors and gaining the trust of stakeholders.ISO 14001 is suitable for organizations of all types and sizes, be they private, not-for-profit or governmental. The system requires an organization to consider all environmental issues relevant to its operations, such as air pollution, water and sewage issues, waste management,soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and resource use and efficiency.

What is the importance of ISO 14001?

The environmental standard is important for any organization because it helps the organization demonstrate its compliance with current and future statutory and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, it enhances leadership involvement and employee engagement, while also improving the company’s reputation and bolstering the confidence of stakeholders through strategic communication. ISO 14001 helps a company achieve strategic business aims by incorporating environmental issues into its business management, and provides a competitive and financial advantage by improving efficiency and reducing costs.

So is it right for me?

ISO 14001 is the right choice if you and your organization want to demonstrate your commitment to reducing the environmental impact of your activities, and would like to achieve the resultant financial and stakeholder benefits. Accredited certification through ISO 14001 is not a requirement, and organizations can still enjoy many of the benefits that attend on using the standard without going through the accredited certification process.What’s more,for some organizations, it can assist in showing how specific regulatory or contractual requirements are being fulfilled. Like all ISO management system standards, ISO 14001 includes the requirement for continual improvement of an organization’s systems and the constant development of its approach to environmental concerns.

An alternative to seeking representation is to look for a specialist consultant in ISO 14001. Consultants are used for a variety of different reasons, depending on the size of the organization. A small business may require hands-on help because they have limited resources. A larger organization may have the required manpower, but feel that expertise is required to maximize efficiency opportunities and to ensure that the organization meets more complex legal requirements. A consultant works to engage, involve, train and empower your staff.

ISO 14001 sets out requirements for building an Environmental Management System. By providing a way to organize people, resources and processes, it aims to meet organizational goals. This results in increased resource efficiency and a reduction of waste, thereby bolstering profitably.


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