Testing of food for ISO 22000 certification

Why all food and drink companies need ISO 22000

Food safety management is essential for all food and beverage producers no matter the size of the company. And all parts of the food chain needs effective management for the health and wellbeing of consumers. Safe food and beverage production across the entire food chain is essential to the world’s economic stability. 

You have an inherent responsibility to ensure all products are safe for consumption. When there is a safety breach, there can be dire consequences for consumers, retailers, other organisations in the supply chain and you as the manufacturer. This can result in law suits, expensive legal fees, damage to your brand through negative publicity and lost opportunities to the business. So it is important to build consumer trust which is why ISO 22000 accreditation is critical for all food and drink companies. It shows consumers you take food safety seriously and have a management system in place.



ISO 22000 benefits

Companies produce food and beverages daily and transport products across the world. So there is always the risk of contamination during the process. It is important to meet your legal obligations to consumers and to stay competitive. ISO 22000 accreditation reduces these risks.

Any organisation involved in producing food products should know what the benefits of ISO 22000 has on the production, storage and distribution of food. There are many benefits including:

  • Better food safety.
  • A competitive advantage over competitors without accreditation.
  • Improved marketing opportunities to grow the organisation. 
  • Demonstrating the organisations takes due diligence seriously.
  • Minimising food safety incidents and risks.
  • Building consumer confidence and trust in your brand.
  • Greater protection from fake food poisoning allegations.
  • New business opportunities with organisations that will only work with accredited organisations.
  • Employee engagement which is vital when promoting a food safety culture within your organisation.
  • Continual improvement of food safety processes across the business.
  • Integrating easily with other management systems such as ISO 9001 for maximum quality assurance. This allows you to treat all management systems as one system.

Achieving ISO 22000 shows the world you are serious about food safety. It allows you to identify responsibilities, activities and a timelines to create a food safety plan. And through regular audits you can identify what is not working or does not make sense so you can make changes. 

Certification benefits you, your employees and consumers. It will have a short and long-term positive impact on the organisation’s success.  

Contact us for more information about obtaining ISO 22000 certification. We are ISO experts and can show you how to grow your business to reach its potential. 

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