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Why ISO 14001 Is The Way Of The Future

With the spotlight on the environment across the world, businesses are turning to ISO 14001 certification as a way of the future. Everyone is trying to do their part to lessen their impact on our precious environment. Also, these days, it is mandatory that companies take responsibility for their environmental impact.

ISO 14001 NZ is the way organisations can ensure focuses on the environment. Implementing an environmental management system (EMS) provides processes and procedures to control your impact on the environment. This helps you reduce waste, water, electricity and other energy costs. It is a framework for your organisation to follow that identifies your impact on the environment. An EMS also defines risks and controls for reducing pollution and ensures you comply with regulatory controls.

Being environmentally aware does not mean introducing radical changes. It is about implementing simple methods for controlling energy use and waste management.


Work in harmony with Mother Nature

Achieving ISO 14001 certification helps your company work in harmony with Mother Nature in combination with your business needs. An EMS helps you reach more potential customers across the world. It enhances your ability to win more projects and grow your business in new directions to increase profitability.


Benefits of ISO 14001 certification

Choosing to implement ISO 14001 delivers many benefits. Apart from the financial benefits, it improves your company’s image. It can change the way stakeholders, investors, employees and the general public perceive your business. Committing to environmental responsibility builds trust in your organisation’s and the quality of services and products you deliver.

The benefits of ISO 14001 include:

  • Reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance and the associated costs.
  • Improving your company image by demonstrating your commitment to good environmental practices.
  • Reducing operational costs such as waste handling and insurance.
  • Providing a competitive advantage over competitors without ISO 14001.
  • Improving environmental risk management.
  • Continually improving environmental practices.
  • Promoting sustainable development.
  • Demonstrating commitment to legal requirements.
  • Improving your overall impact on the environment.
  • Increasing new business opportunities.


The environment is everyone’s business

With the world’s focus on environmental issues, it is imperative that businesses have an environmental focus. ISO 14001 assists your organisation to manage and meet your environmental obligations consistently. It works for any business that has a focus on improving and maintaining its EMS. But environment is everyone’s business and businesses need to at least meet their legal obligations. ISO 14001 results in improving your overall impact on the environment which can give you a competitive business advantage. It open your business up to green business opportunities and builds trust in your organisation.

Contact us to find out how to implement ISO 14001 into your business. We can show you how to future proof your business to help it reach its full potential.



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