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Why more businesses need to put the environment first

Environmental sustainability is the catchcry of the modern world. Consumers want to do business with organisations that demonstrate their care for the environment. But it extends further than consumers. For decades organisations have used natural resources and been generating waste with little thought to the long-term effects. Now is the time for organisations to rethink their management practices to ensure the wellbeing of world for future generations.


Environmental impact of businesses

More and more consumers demand that businesses reduce their impact on the environment. And for them to continue doing business ethically, they need to change the way they do business.

Businesses that provide products and services can have a negative impact on the environment by:

  • Consuming vast amounts of power every day.
  • Using raw materials to manufacture products that can cause emissions.
  • Short life cycles of products that end up in landfills.
  • Producing emissions through the transporting products.
  • Generating waste that ends up in the environment which end up affecting our wildlife.


Benefits of establishing environmental practices

Committing to establishing environmental practices means it can stabilise the supply of natural resources for the future. These are finite and once they are gone there is no coming back. And as competition for our resources increases, it puts environmental sustainability more at risk. So it is important than ever that businesses become more aware. It is not only the environment that benefits from environmental management systems, but your bottom line benefits as well.

There are now regulatory obligations for businesses to reduce their impact on the environment. ISO 14001 is a global standard that gives your business a framework to work within and ensures your business complies. 


Environmental and cost benefits

ISO 14001 certification reminds everyone in your organisation it is their responsibility to protect the environment. It also reduces the waste you produce and the consumption of resource. Certification helps to reduce the number of environmental incidents and helps you to work towards lowering power and resource consumption. All this results in lower operating costs while protecting the environment. 


Improves brand credibility

Even where it is not a requirement, implementing environmental management systems tells consumers you care. It improves your brand’s credibility by maintaining a good public image which has a positive impact on community relations. And this can increase your market share with those that care about the environment. 


Better legal compliance

ISO 14001 certification gives you the framework to identify, monitor and comply with the legal requirements applicable to producing and delivering your goods and services. While you may already follow the legal requirements, an environmental management system helps maintain compliance and to continually improve. 


If environmental ethics is important to your organisation, contact us for more information about ISO 14001 certification. We can show you how to implement sustainable environmental practices to grow your business so it reaches its potential. 

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