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Business Continuity

Sometimes things can go wrong in business. But this doesn’t always need to lead to major complications. With a business continuity plan, you can ensure that your business will still meet objectives, every with disruptions in the way.

The following services are offered under business continuity:

  • Business Impact Analysis – we identify the most important processes/services for your organization
  • Business Continuity Design – we identify solutions for the recovery of your most important processes/ services in the event of a disaster
  • Business Continuity Planning – we guide you in elaborating the plans to be followed in the event of a disaster
  • Business Continuity Exercises – “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson. We exercise the ability of your organization to recover in the event of a disaster through tabletop or simulation exercises
  • Business Continuity Awareness – the plans are useless if your employees are not aware of them. We help you raise awareness of the business continuity within your organization
  • Crisis Management – we coach you on how to manage a crisis within your organization.
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