QICE Consulting



QICE is a management consulting firm designed to enable New Zealand manufacturers service providers and product developers to create their own path to greatness. We add value by developing internal capabilities for our clients through Business Management Systems expert assessment and Lean Coaching, Training, and Facilitation. This creates a continuous improvement culture that is not dependent on any other external input. QICE is our desire to improve the quality of our society.  Continuous improvement guides us for the coming years. It must be able to cope with the trends. Is not easy to live in a complex world, you must make a difference.  We created QICE because we want good products and services, we want successful companies and happy people. And we will work for it. 

At QICE we build long-term business relationships with our clients. The basis for a good business relationship is a complete trust, mutual understanding, and assistance. First of all, we are entirely dedicated when it comes to solving problems. As a result, we continually learn and improve our knowledge and abilities.  We have a combination of consulting services and powerful ideas which helps to discover the full potential. If your mission is to create an impact on the market, our purpose is to assist you.  And is not especially relevant if it is about business, health, economic development, education or more. 

 What’s different about QICE? We help people to achieve remarkable goals and make meaningful progress. Our belief is that good is not enough. We want the best of all. Is always important to provide excellent services on the market, either you are small or big. We like to do our job, and we will write for you a story that matters.