Regional Business Partner Grant

- Business Continuity -

QICE offers Business Continuity consulting and support for businesses, and this is partially funded by Regional Business Partners Network scheme. 

Business Continuity is important now more than ever, as more business owners understand the complexities of unplanned for events. If you would like to build a more resilient business then consider a Business Continuity Plan with QICE. 


Participants will get:

  • Knowledge into developing a business continuity program
  • The ability to create a business continuity plan
  • Access to the printed course
  • Hands-on experience from the 4 hours workshop

Course content also includes: 

How to embed business continuity into the organization Risk Assessment techniques Design and Implementation of a business continuity plan How to run an exercise so that the business continuity plan is put into practice Workshop with a real-life example of a disaster

Is your business eligible?


Make sure to check you are eligible, then we can help facilitate contact with one of the local Growth Advisors in your area.

In order to be accepted, you’ll need to:

Be registered for GST
Employ less than 100 full-time workers
Be a privately owned business or a Māori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 or similar organisation
Sadly, charitable trusts and incorporated societies don’t qualify

If you’re not already registered for RBPN, you can register online here. You can also check your registration with the RBPN using the same link.

A local Growth Advisor will then make contact to discuss next steps. If you know you’d like to work with us, mention QICE as your desired service provider. 

Once approved, your Growth Advisor will issue you a unique voucher code that you can allocate to your desired service provider (including QICE) in the RBPN Marketplace. We can then link you to our services and kick off your project!

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