QICE offers third-party inspection services you can trust. Our expertise and processes ensure your projects are staffed properly and your projects completed to specifications, on time and budget.


QICE offers consulting services and expertise in the full range of Lean Principles. The goal of Lean is to eliminate waste – the non-value-added components in any process.


QICE Supplier Audits offer a great degree of flexibility and can be customized to fit your specific requirements. We are a business partner dedicated to helping you ensure more efficient processes.


QICE integrates business science, innovative technologies and industry expertise to deliver trusted management systems solutions to our New Zealand clients. Keep your company stronger, while saving you valuable time and money.


Whether your organization is implementing any of the AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 or ISO 14001 Management Systems Standards for the first time or you are currently certified, QICE provides the full range of internal management system audits for your organization.


Your organisation can use our software solutions systems to facilitate all audit-related tasks and activities. Qice can provide you a Customized Process, Management Software and Audit Management Software.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide maximum value to your organization while helping elevate you to become a world-class player. We follow the ‘for change, for-profit’ discipline and we want to unlock sustainable and quality growth. Our vision involves people, location, partners, productivity, and profit.

We firmly believe quality people can give their best in a great place. To create value, we must rely on their responsibility and skills. We can become one of your trusted partners. We can anticipate your needs and desires to create an efficient, lean and forward-looking organization.

Trying to develop your company solely from within, with no external perspective, does not provide the clear and nuanced vision required to see precisely what needs to be done. QICE evaluates your organization from the outside, with a critical eye, a truly independent perspective and a determination to bring you value. Your business must have a long-term destination and a profitable path to reach it; QICE can be your partner to find both.

Our Mission

Because the world is always changing and evolving, QICE can position you to prepare today for tomorrow’s marketplace. We seek to create and promote sustainable excellence for your business, including an organizational culture that embraces a growth mindset and safety imperative.

Your roadmap is our mission. We look ahead to understand business trends, anticipate challenges and reveal opportunities. An open trade market means the dimensions and connectivity of participants emerge as critical competitive points. The QICE team can help you manage the operational needs of today while developing business opportunities for the future and preparing for what’s next.

We guide your initiatives to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements. Your excellence and success is the metric we use to gauge our performance. We have a mission to improve and grow your company, so you become a knowledge leader and a point of reference in the marketplace. Our strategy involves creating a framework that empowers your people to be the best, able to solve even the most difficult issues.

Our mission is to consolidate, develop, change, create value and make a lasting difference in your organization. And we will bring happiness, including the joy of optimal performance satisfaction.

Our Values

Our corporate values include Quality, Integrity, Creativity, and Energy, which combine to define how we dream, feel and work with our clients. We aspire to the highest professional and ethical standards, maintain strict confidentiality and manage our clients’ resources at an efficient cost. We like to build long-lasting professional relationships based on trust and mutual support.

QICE’s values are reflected in our work, our perspective and in the performance of our clients. We treat all clients with respect. We like to do things fairly, transparently, with common sense and utmost responsibility. We are open to alternative ideas and cultures, we communicate honestly and strive to build lasting connections. We rely on values and bring value, we are trustworthy and we adapt ourselves to the needs of our clients.