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Our consultants are experts in Environmental Management Systems including ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 standardizes a process to effectively control and continuously improve your organization’s environmental performance. This highly trusted management tool enables efficient identification and control of the environmental impact of your business activities, services, and products, as well as a systematized ability to benchmark and achieve environmental objectives.

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We have high-level ISO 14001 consulting experience which we tailor to suit your business. We make things easy to understand, so you feel in control of the whole process. QICE’s goal is to become the agency for change in the certification world – we want to help businesses globally while still thinking locally.

So, if you’re a passionate business owner who loves a job well done, and wishes to improve the livelihood of your business through ISO 14001 certification – then QICE is the right fit for you.

Complete Our ISO 14001 Readiness Checklist Below

ISO 14001 Readiness Checklist

How ready is your organisation for ISO 14001 certification? Fill out our free self-assessment checklist to find out more. It should only take 5 minutes.

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Clause 4 = Context of the organisation. The ‘context of the organisation’ refers to the combination of internal and external factors and conditions that can have impacts on your business. To what degree have you considered the following?

Have you determined the internal and external issues relevant to the strategic direction of your organisation?

Have you determined and understood the needs of interested parties that are relevant to your organisation and environmental management system?

Based on the factors above, have you defined the scope of the environmental management system ?

Clause 5 = Leadership. The top management is required to demonstrate a direct involvement in the organisation’s EMS.

Has your organisation’s senior management taken accountability for the effectiveness of the environmental management system?

The above can be demonstrated through definite actions and clear records.

Has your organisation’s senior management documented an environmental policy appropriate to the company’s context, strategic direction and compliance obligations?

Clause 6 = Planning. When planning for an Environmental Management System, the organisation shall consider both its context and interested parties. And risks and opportunities must be determined and addressed.

Risks and opportunities related to your organisation's internal and external issues, and the needs of interested parties have been considered, planned and actioned.

Your organisation has undertaken a detailed review of your environmental aspects and identified those of high significance.

Environmental objectives and targets have been developed based on significant aspects; these link to policy, are measurable, relevant, monitored, communicated and updated appropriately.

The environmental objectives are planned to ensure actions, resources, responsibilities, timescales and methods of evaluation are understood across the organisation.

Clause 7 = Support. The organisation shall determine and provide the resources needed for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the Environmental Management System.

Your organisation has selected, against defined criteria, the personnel and external providers required to meet your commitments to environmental management.

Your organisation has the facilities and equipment required to meet your commitments to environmental management.

Clause 8 = Operations. The organisation shall plan, implement and control the processes needed to meet the requirements for the provision of products and services, and to implement action plans.

Your organisation understands the environmental legal and regulatory framework in which you operate.

Your organisation understands the environmental risk exposure in relation to the product and services you deliver, and all processes associated with that delivery.

You approach environmental risks using a hierarchy of controls such as:
i) Elimination
ii) Substitution
iii) Engineering controls
iv) Administrative controls.

Your organisation provides all necessary information to external providers to ensure that your work is completed in accordance with your environmental policy, objectives and targets.

You control all activities carried out by your employees and external providers to ensure that your work is completed in accordance with your environmental policy, objectives and targets.

Clause 9 = Performance Evaluation. The organisation should determine what needs to be monitored and measured. It must also determine the methods for monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation needed to ensure valid results.

You monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate your environmental performance against established criteria relevant to your business and compliance obligations.

You maintain documented records that provide evidence that you have evaluated your compliance against relevant environmental statutory and regulatory obligations.

You have established and implemented internal audit regimes that cover all aspects of environmental performance for the product or service you are delivering, with specific focus on the highest risk areas of your business.

Clause 10 = Continuous Improvement. The organisation shall determine and select opportunities for improvement and implement any necessary actions to achieve the intended outcomes of its environmental management system.

Your organisation’s senior management formally reviews the performance of your environmental management system on a regular basis.

Documented outputs from management reviews include details for improvement, changes or identify the resources required for the environmental management system

You use all reviews of your products, services and associated processes to continually improve the performance of your environmental management system.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification


Reduce environmental impact

Through better resource management, lower consumption, and less waste.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers want to support businesses that incorporate sustainable practices.


Reduce overall costs

Through standardised practices and a reduction in consumption.

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