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QICE has the complete experience for converting high-quality ingredients into certified products. We want to help our clients thrive in their streamlined and complete process for achieving FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 certification. Ensure consumer trust in the supply of safe food and drinks. The consequences of unsafe food can be serious and food safety management systems help organizations identify and control food safety hazards. FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 are both standards for Food Safety Management Systems registration schemes.

Today’s many food products cross national boundaries, that’s why International Standards are needed to ensure the safety of the global food supply chain. ISO 22000:2018 Food safety management – sets out the requirements for a food safety management system and can be certified. This standard represents an independent verification that the organization has an effective Food Safety Management System in place. It can be used by any organization regardless of its size or position in the food chain. ISO 22000 applies to all stages of the supply chain. It is aligned with ISO 9001 to enhance compatibility with existing management system approaches.

Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) is an internationally accepted certification scheme that absorbs ISO 22000 and contains a more extensive list of standards to be met by the organisation. It provides a framework for effectively managing your organization’s food safety responsibilities. FS22000 Certification applies only to food and beverage manufacturing sector and is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, GFSI. It demonstrates your company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that meets the requirements of your customers and consumers.

Some of the benefits of having an ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000 certification include:

Checking food safety

Add value to your organization with a certified food safety system. This lies in the efforts made by the organization to maintain such a system and its commitment to continuously improve its performance. Identify and control any hazards that may potentially cause harm to the consumer. Selling your products through the food supply chain will be easier with food safety certification. It can help small, medium and large businesses in any sector keep information assets secure.

Why choose QICE to be your ISO 22000 Consultant?

We have high-level ISO 22000 consulting experience which we tailor to suit your business. We make things easy to understand, so you feel in control of the whole process. QICE’s goal is to become the agency for change in the certification world – we want to help businesses globally while still thinking locally.

So, if you’re a passionate business owner who loves a job well done, and wishes to improve the livelihood of your business through ISO 22000 certification – then QICE is the right fit for you.

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